Allied Credit is a privately-owned finance company enabling vehicle and equipment manufacturers, distributors and dealership groups to provide branded retail and floorplan finance products in the Australian market.

We offer a range of finance solutions from white label and joint venture partnerships to floorplan finance. We are continually expanding our offering. These solutions, along with our proprietary POS loan origination system, Lightning, are designed to support our partners’ businesses and facilitate convenient and easy finance solutions for their customers.

Today, Allied Credit is the retail finance business partner of choice for an increasing array of well-known leading brands and dealer groups in the automotive, motorcycle, marine and recreation industries.


Allied Credit’s partnership model for introducers, dealers, distributors and manufacturers delivers significant value creation and unique benefits over traditional finance solutions.

Three different partnership types are available –

  1. A standard introducer-financier partnership under one of Allied Credit’s own brands,
  2. A White Label partnership that leverages and enhances your brand as an OEM or a large dealer/introducer group, or
  3. Our unique Joint Venture partnership, where you jointly own the finance company with Allied Credit, and share in its financial returns.

Through these partnerships, Allied Credit facilitates finance originated by introducers whether at the point of sale, in-dealership or online, for auto, motorcycle, marine, caravan and leisure assets.

Our competitively priced solutions are delivered by our proprietary introducer-centric software – Lightning – which is convenient and easy for both our introducers and their customers.

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White Label Partnerships

Our white label partnership surrounds your customers with your brand all the way through the process of buying, financing and owning the asset. Advertising, documentation, electronic and phone contact is all stamped with your brand.

Branded finance not only provides assurance, it strengthens the relationship between you and your customers and maximises retention and profitability.

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Joint Venture Partnerships

Our unique joint venture model enables our partners to invest alongside Allied Credit in their own finance company.  In addition to all the branding benefits of a white label, a joint venture can be tailored to the specific circumstances of our partner and their introducer network.

Allied Credit provides the operational capability, the funding, financial reporting and credit licence. Our partners provide the channel to origination and market expertise. It’s a powerful combination.

To build a joint venture with Allied Credit, our partners must be willing and able to invest in its growth and provide the necessary level of originations.

Over time, the joint venture grows to a steady state and produces a valuable annuity income stream through the cycle for our partners.

Floorplan Finance

Through Allied Distribution Finance, our wholesale floorplan finance business, we help distributors and their dealer network finance their inventory efficiently ensuring an uninterrupted flow of inventory through the distribution channel.

Our floorplan finance offers:

  • Flexible payment terms.
  • A web-based intelligent system that helps you track inventory and simplifies account management by automating transactions.
  • An experienced customer service team to support your business.
  • The additional benefit of retail finance packages, enabling you to provide the “one stop shop” convenience to your customers.
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Standard Retail Relationships

Introducers transact retail finance business under our Automotive Finance and Weekend Toy Finance brands.

Our legendary Lightning system is utilised by our introducers to originate both consumer and commercial finance products for new and used assets. Competitive rate and commission plans are available and a broad range of customers are accepted.

Lightning POS System

Our proprietary Lightning POS system is a custom-built, and introducer-centric loan origination system with a reputation for simplifying the credit application process.

Lightning has been developed in-house specifically with introducer usability in mind. It enables our introducers to prepare, submit and monitor finance applications; generate loan contracts, and deliver reporting. Lightning also provides systemised compliance and credit grading.

Used Australia-wide by introducers on behalf of their customers, the business platform is delivered as a suite of APi-enabled web applications that enable you to: prepare, submit and monitor finance applications; generate loan contracts; and deliver aggregated reporting on applications.

When a credit application is received, our credit team use Lightning to verify information, review and make a decision on the application, generate documentation and settle approved applications.

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